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Wherever you choose, Golden Holidays offers some amazing placed to stay. For overnight experiences, choose from our Just Hotels options. Some hotels include breakfast, some offers basic bed & breakfast, others are fronting astonishing mountain views, some had the advantage of lakes, seas and rivers. Anywhere you go, look for the best authentic stay that suits your mood.

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Selected itineraries provide full-board meals, where breakfast, lunch and dinners are provided. Most of the time hotels include breakfast; pick and choose which suits your needs and budget. Some days in fived itinerary give you the chance to explore local cuisines. Take the opportunity to taste the authentic local dish, homemade delicacies and even exotic cooking.


Golden Holidays guarantees Halal meal s for its Muslim tour. Look out for halal icon when shopping for Muslim itineraries. Some places have great Muslim restaurants that you try to quench that thirst for local food.

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Selected fixed departures contain amazing sightseeing trips that bring you the iconic marks. All must-visit hot spots are usually added in the fixed itinerary for you to enjoy more and learn all you can about that place.


It’s not about coach all the time. Mix up all kinds of transport. There are flight choices from Malaysia Airlines and our esteemed interline partners. There are vans, shuttle, boats, fast trains and even local rides to pick from. After all, how you get there is as important as when you get there.

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The more people you travel with, the more perks you will enjoy. Look out for great group discount. Applicable to certain itineraries.

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Golden Holidays supports music, green events and great happenings. Most often, we create specific package revolving around an event, be it sports, music, education and local festivals. Get in the action and combine a tour before or after the event. Look out for special event deals online.


Your trip is at your fingertips. Upon confirmation of your reservation, a Booking Notification will be e-mailed to you. Please take this Booking Notification along on your trip. Your booking essentials are listed such as Booking Reference number (this reference will identify your booking at location), Hotel Details (this reference will confirm your room reservation and inclusion), Flight details (for your flight arrangements), Sightseeing Details (for any additional tours that you added), Transfer Details (for your airport transfers and other transport services included in your purchase), Emergency Contact Details (for your safety and emergency needs) and Passengers Details (necessary personal information about you for basic identification purposed both at hotel, airport and locations that requires authentication).