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Sarawak is well known for its historical fairy tales that have been passed down by generations. A city of modernity yet cloaked with age-old charms, Sarawak is a place where commonality and peacefulness is a way of life.

From rainforest canopies to jungle wildlife, discover the diverse ecosystem of Malaysia’s largest state. Sarawak is a paradise of adventure where you can get all of Mother Nature’s glory in one place.

Must Visit

Lambir Hill National Park

Lambir Hills National Park is probably the world’s most complex and diverse forest eco-system. In a total area of just 6,952 hectares, experts have found what appears to be the greatest level of plant biodiversity on the planet. Lambir’s unusual geology has created dozens of sparkling waterfalls and bathing pools scattered about the rainforest. A matrix of trails throughout the park provides access to eight waterfalls, two summits, an abandoned oil rig deep in the jungle, and a treetop tower for viewing birds high in the canopy.

Mulu Caves

Deep in Sarawak’s Gunung Mulu National Park, lie the most spectacular caves on earth. The cave system, a breathtaking natural wonder, contains a number of record-breaking caves. With the world’s largest cave passage (Deer Cave), the world’s largest natural chamber (Sarawak Chamber), and the longest cave in Southeast Asia (Clearwater Cave), it is not surprising that Mulu is now world-famous and a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Crocodile Farm & Pottery Shop

The Crocodile Farm in Kuala Baram is the first and the largest crocodile farm in the northern region of Sarawak. The farm is also home to red carps and a mini zoo of reptiles and wildlife. Make sure to make a stop at the Sarawak Pottery Centre. These ceramic crafts are incorporated with Sarawak ethnic motifs and theme, making them much sought after as gifts and souvenirs.

Kuching Cat Statue

The cityscape of Kuching really is a landmark in itself. The most eccentric of all landmarks are the statues of cats found just about everywhere. The largest and most prominent – a giant white concrete form looking over the town with its paw raised, named the Great Cat, has become the city’s mascot.

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